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Cate Blanchett by Anna Williams - 1998

Vogue Italia, September 2014 “Valentino Haute Couture”


Scene from the Simplon-Orienz Express 1950 

Photo: Jack Birns 


Carole Lombard


La Esfera  - 1920 


Behind the Scenes - Babel (2006)

So what I’m totally absolutely (I mean basically) sure of is that what Kelli meant to say along with this link is that everyone should go read this interview with Susan Stroman about The Merry Window and what inspires her, and about being a woman in theatre… and how to improve gender parity in theatre. And I agree because I’m co-founder/editor of this website that’s all about women in theatre. 

You can read the interview here (x) and we have a ton of other cool interviews that people can read here (x).

And you can find statistics about women in theatre here (x) and find out what you can do to help with gender parity here (x). 

"I think there should be more programs allowing women to observe and assist. Women coming out of colleges, women coming out of different art schools, there should be more programs put in place for women. There could be more celebration of women artists or celebration of when there’s a group of women artists: composers or lyricists or directors or choreographers. More of a celebration of women. To put it out there. Because the more you can celebrate women, then someday it won’t be woman director it will just be director . But right now it needs to be clearer. It needs to be more present that there are a lot of women out there that have complete ability to be a part of a lot of these art forms."

Susan Stroman on gender parity in the theatre for The Interval (x


Burton and Taylor screencaps part I



Alexei Alexeivich Harlamoff - Literary Pursuits of a Young Lady.

But, Ricky, why can't I be in the show?

You know what's funny? Don't worry. I'll tell you.

Some Facts for the Biographer:

Raised in Ohio. Now in Manhattan. I drink too much Diet Coke. I saw my first I Love Lucy episode at three and from then on assumed “trying to put on a show” was a perfectly normal pastime. . When I am bored I like to look at real estate online. I have a giant stuffed leopard named Baby. I think I would make an excellent spy. When I am scared I sing showtunes to myself. I have, on more than one occasion, been asked to use my “indoor voice” at the Met. About once every two months I think I’d like to live on a farm. When I am sad I like to put my fur vest on, eat grapefruit with my special grapefruit spoons, and pretend I am in 1930s Hollywood. I like making people gifts. One day I would like to own a pink and green plaid piano. Lady Mary is my role model. One of my life goals is to learn to tap dance.

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