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Despite the fact that it’s hard to tell in this photo, I’d like to point out that when being on the same network as Lady Mary someone went with a Lady Mary inspired dress.

Well done, Kelli.

Well done, Vivienne Tam. 

Some other people clearly did not get the message. 

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    For some reason I can’t comment on your posts, Jess, but I believe it’s on the PBS website! You can watch it there!
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    Damn right Audra’s in the front.
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    New York Philharmonic adds: From our New Year’s Eve celebration of Marvin Hamlisch, One Singular Sensation. Watch it...
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    Yay, nice picture of Audra!
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But, Ricky, why can't I be in the show?

You know what's funny? Don't worry. I'll tell you.

Some Facts for the Biographer:

Raised in Ohio. Now in Manhattan. I drink too much Diet Coke. I saw my first I Love Lucy episode at three and from then on assumed “trying to put on a show” was a perfectly normal pastime. . When I am bored I like to look at real estate online. I have a giant stuffed leopard named Baby. I think I would make an excellent spy. When I am scared I sing showtunes to myself. I have, on more than one occasion, been asked to use my “indoor voice” at the Met. About once every two months I think I’d like to live on a farm. When I am sad I like to put my fur vest on, eat grapefruit with my special grapefruit spoons, and pretend I am in 1930s Hollywood. I like making people gifts. One day I would like to own a pink and green plaid piano. Lady Mary is my role model. One of my life goals is to learn to tap dance.

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